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GE, FCE, IELTS Academic, ETYL, J-Shine, TESOL

Andreo is a student at International House. He meets a friend, Greta, in the school garden.
Read their conversation. Some words have letters missing. Fill in each gap with the missing letters to make one word.

Question number 1.

Andreo i twenty years old. He lives in Switzerland. He is learning English.

Question number 2.

Hi, Greta, are you a student here?

No, I’m visiting m sister.

Question number 3.

D she work here?

No, she’s studying English here at International House.

Question number 4.

Oh, really. Is she enjoying the lessons?

Yes, but she n’t like the homework. She says it’s boring.

Question number 5.

Yes, but too much work is better t too little!

Flora is a student who is having a holiday in Hungary. She is writing a letter to her friend Stefano.
Fill in each gap with ONE suitable word.

Question number 6, 7, 8, 9 , 10.

Hi Stefano,

We arrived here in Budapest two days . We already visited many places.
Yesterday we to Szentendre by train. We couldn’t see everything in the town we didn’t have enough time.!

Anyway, I will phone you when I get back week.

Select the best possible answer.
Example - multiple choice

One, __, three, four, five

Right answer: two

Question number 11.

Flora is ___ holiday.

Question number 12.

On her first visit she didn’t see the ___ town.

The following text is about American pioneers.
Fill in each gap with ONE suitable word.

Question number 13, 14, 15, 16.

During the 19th century, European settlers, ‘pioneers,’ travelled across America. They wanted find land to farm. Most of them travelled in long wagon trains stretching as far the eye could see.

The wagons were packed with food and tools. was only space for small children, the sick and some women. Everyone else walked alongside.

In heat, dust and snow, the pioneers crossed prairies.. They often went short of food and water. The pioneers also faced attacks from Native Americans didn’t want the Europeans to take their land from them.

Multiple choice: Select the best possible answer.
Question number 17.

The pioneers ___ to travel to America by ship.

Question number 18.

The journey in the wagons ___ uncomfortable.

Question number 19.

The pioneers ___ themselves against the Native Americans.

Fill in each gap with ONE suitable word.

Question number 20, 21, 22, 23.


Surveys show that in the USA one in seven people speaks a foreign language other than English at home. In the past, second generation children were usually encouraged to adopt the customs, culture and language of whatever was identified as the majority culture. Today, people are much more likely to promote bilingualism.

There are different theories on the best way to teach a child to use two languages. Most researchers agree that a child who is exposed to two languages an early age will naturally learn to use . Children may be expected to go some periods of mixing the two languages, sometimes even within the same sentence.

A separation of the two languages will occur gradually. Children may also experiment with the two languages to create special effects or to express themselves in specific settings. For example, one language may be considered less formal and used for information about events related to home and family, while the is considered more formal and used in activities outside the home.

Multiple choice: Select the best possible answer.
Question number 24.

In the ___ stages, children may mix the languages.

Question number 25.

Children may ___ one language as a home language only.

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